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"Really Smart Squirrels?" by John Hergenrather

To encourage our readers, Creation Encounter leaders have been writing a series of essays reminiscing on the adventures and blessings of previous years as we look forward to encountering our Creator with you this summer. As things begin to slowly reopen in Washington and Oregon, Creation Encounter co-founder and veteran tour leader John Hergenrather continues this series with a story closer to home but no less intriguing than one on the trail. Please enjoy and feel free to share your own stories with us!


By John Hergenrather


I really enjoy working with middle school or high school kids in our gardens, many of whom I have met through Young Life or our church. It seems the Lord always arranges teachable moments for both of us. One day I and a young friend were weeding and finding lots of acorns in the soft dirt, and I mentioned how squirrels bury them by the thousands every fall. My friend pulled one up with a 12 inch root going straight down and the stem going straight up.

"I got a question for you," I said, "how did the acorn know how to send the root down and the stem up?" He thought for a long moment and answered, "Wow, I didn't know squirrels were that smart." I replied, "Actually the squirrels didn't plant them that way." He thought for another minute and remarked, "Gee, I didn't know acorns were that smart." I replied, "Acorns aren't, but the One who made them and the squirrels and you and me is that smart -- unbelievably smart!" I thank the Lord for the opportunities He gives us every day to bring glory to Him.


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