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"God's Skeptic" by Kalvin Morauske

To encourage our readers, Creation Encounter leaders have been writing a series of essays reminiscing on the adventures and blessings of previous years as we look forward to encountering our Creator with you this summer. As things begin to slowly reopen in Washington and Oregon, Creation Encounter tour leader Kalvin Morauske continues this series with an essay sharing how his niece Madison G. decided to become an engineering and geology major because of Creation Encounter. Please enjoy and feel free to share your own stories with us!


By Kalvin Morauske


This past week marked a monumental milestone for Madison G. as she graduated from a secular university in Virginia. There have been many miracles for her to graduate with a double major in Engineering and Geology. It reminds me of Jeremiah 1:5 where God said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Madison is not a prophet, but it is evident that God has set her apart for a special work, one which Creation Encounter has played a role. It all started in 2010 when her uncle Kalvin Morauske visited Madison’s home. Having just read the book Thousands… Not Billions by Dr. Don DeYoung, Kalvin was discussing the problems of radiometric dating with family members as well as some recently discovered evidence suggesting several dinosaurs similar to T. rex were vegetarian. In her secular education as a 12-year-old, Madison had never heard this before. Madison listened intently, comparing this information with what she had been taught in school. Madison continued to be an excellent student but began to question some of the science information she was taught.

On one vacation, Madison’s family came to see the wonders of the Northwest, including a visit to Mount St. Helens. Her uncle Kalvin explained that God was using Mt. St. Helens to teach us how catastrophic change was a much better explanation for the geologic features seen around the world. Kalvin also arranged to have Steve Hayley lead the family on a Columbia Gorge tour, an expedition that would become the first of many for Madison. One year, Creation Encounter partnered with Foundations In Genesis of Idaho on a tour to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, which excited Kalvin with the opportunity to expose Madison to the geology of the area from a biblical perspective. Madison’s deciding moment came after listening to presentations from Brent Carter and Michael Oard when she asked Michael Oard some questions. She says that conversation was the turning point that gave her new direction; God gave her a love for rocks!

Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone National Park. Courtesy of Madison G.

Madison continued to excel in school and graduated top in her class in Blackstone, Virginia. She won many awards and was expected to attend Virginia Tech, but Madison felt God was directing her to go to a less prestigious university to which she applied and was accepted. In an essay for a scholarship, Madison discussed why she wanted to major in Geology and Engineering, explaining she desired to understand the earth from a catastrophic perspective. Despite it being a secular university, God intervened, and Madison was granted the scholarship. In her classes she asked polite but tough questions that earned her the title “The Skeptic.” Her dedication and excellence to her studies earned her opportunities given to very few. Her advisers had first told her a double major in Engineering and Geology was not possible because her class schedules would conflict and it was just too difficult. God continued to work in Madison’s life and inspired her to do her own course planning while providing her with mentors to encourage and guide her through the process.

Because Kalvin knew that Madison would be bombarded with evolutionary concepts, Kalvin planned field trips with Creation Encounter during Madison’s summer breaks that included the John Day area, Dry Falls, and the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming. These trips were led by great men like John Hergenrather, Steve Hayley, Dennis Bokovoy, and Mike Oard. In 2018, Kalvin organized one final expedition that investigated the Greater Grand Canyon region. The exposure Madison received on these trips greatly expanded her understanding of the real world and helped her realize that a catastrophic model is a much better explanation for the geologic features we see. Despite her university geology field course being canceled due to COVID-19, Madison has gained tremendous field experience through Creation Encounter and its great leadership.

While Madison’s initial motivation was to be a creation speaker, she has felt that God is directing her to become an educator and develop biblically based science curriculum. Without the fine men and women involved in Creation Encounter, Madison would not have the opportunity to become a great educator with the potential to impact many people. All praise to God in heaven! We all look forward to her contributions in the future.

PS: A picture of Madison can be seen in the big group picture on Creation Encounter’s home page. She is fourth from the left in a white top near the front row.

All photos are courtesy of Madison G.


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