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"Encountering our Creator on Mt. Rendezvous" by Steve Hayley

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

To encourage our readers, Creation Encounter leaders are writing a series of essays reminiscing on the adventures and blessings of last year as we look forward to encountering our Creator with you this summer. Please enjoy our first contribution below from Steve Hayley and feel free to share your own stories with us!


By Steve Hayley


While there were many highlights of the 2019 Creation Encounter Tour Year, one of my favorite memories vividly reminded me of why our new Creation Encounter shirts and sweatshirts proclaim on their back: "Encounter Your Creator".  We, as guides, are often the recipients of those blessed  'aha' moments when The Lord breaks through in such amazing ways!  John and I were on top of Mt. Rendezvous for our sixth year with a group of Damascus Christian High School students this past August.  As we stood on the Flood deposit called the Madison Formation, we had asked our Junior and Senior students to be sure to look for fossil sea life. Knowing that such finds are rather rare (there is a huge amount of traffic on the gondola ride from Teton village to this 10,000' viewpoint), John and I prayed we could find some really great fossils for these kids.  Within minutes, we found a large limestone boulder that was LOADED with small clams and some coral fossils!  We had probably walked right by it in the past (as well as thousands of others!) and missed it.  I thanked The Lord over and over for such an immediate answer to prayer, and was reminded again that these Creation Encounters are REAL: real evidence for a world-wide Flood of Noah's day and real evidence of a living Creator/Redeemer Who reveals Himself in such tangible ways!  What a privilege to work together with HIM for His glory.

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