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2015 Tour Schedule

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East Gorge Nature Hike

March 28, 2015
Led by Creation Encounter guides Marianne Pike, Verity Grant and Arthur Dunn this is a full day hike in the beautiful Pine-Oak woodland east of White Salmon, WA. Besides enjoying the fellowship and fantastic scenery, we will see loads of spring wildflowers and find a variety of wildlife including interesting woodpeckers and birds of prey. We will also observe endemic plants (i.e. found only in the Gorge), discover three different kinds of erratic boulders that came from hundreds of miles away, and examine the mysterious mima mounds. Come and explore and ponder creation explanations for all these and more.

Creation Mysteries of the Columbia Gorge

April 11, 2015
Three peas in a (tree cast) pod.

Taking several short hikes, we will collect cobbles transported 400 miles by Noah’s Flood and find petrified wood. In some places the wood is only charcoaled and is still burnable, though it is said to be 15-16 million years old! On this trip students will handle "rock solid" evidence for a young earth and a global Flood and we will discuss why this is important for our trust in the accuracy of the Bible. We will also encounter amazing plants and animals that speak of the hand of our Creator.

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Rowena Plateau Wildflower Trip

April 25, 2015
This outing with short hikes is tailored for those especially interested in an introduction to the abundant Spring wildflowers of the East Columbia River Gorge. Our focus will be on identification, using Jolley's "Wildflowers Of The Columbia Gorge" (1988), and photography, for those interested. Inexpensive digital cameras have been used with great success for these pictures! We can expect 30-40 species, if past experience proves true.

Catastrophic Floods in the Columbia River Gorge

May 2, 2015
Led by Dennis Bokovoy, we will explore hands-on evidence for 3 catastrophic floods in the Gorge, the Global Flood, Flood Basalt, and the Lake Missoula Flood. As we caravan with our cars, we will examine evidence for the Global Flood including pillow lava, petrified wood and burnable charcoalized wood trapped between basalt layers. Following the path of the Missoula Flood waters that over flowed the south rim of the Columbia River we drive through Fairbanks Gap to see huge gravel ripples and a large delta left there. You will find and collect beautiful quartzite rocks transported over 300 miles from the Rocky Mountains by the Global Flood.

Columbia River Gorge Wahkeena to Angels Rest Hike

May 9, 2015

Due to requests for longer, more vigorous hikes, our team of adventurous field guides Marianne Pike, Verity Grant and Arthur Dunn are putting together a one-day hike from the Wahkeena Trail to Angel's Rest. As we trek along this spectacular trail, we will enjoy Christian fellowship and learn about Christ's design in the flora and fauna of the Columbia River Gorge from a creation perspective. This trail is about an 8 mile round trip with much steep, uphill trekking. Good physical fitness required.

Damascus Christian School Angels(?) Resting.

Dog Mountain Gorge Hike

May 30, 2015
Lead by Ruth Hazen and Marianne Pike, this phenomenal hike provides one of the best overviews of the whole Columbia River Gorge. The view near the top of the trail must be seen to be believed! We will see a lavish display of wildflowers and the view to the west tells the story about a historic landslide and the "Bridge of the Gods." Good physical fitness is required for this moderately strenuous day hike.

Creation Mysteries of the Columbia Gorge

June 13, 2015
This second Gorge trip is essentially a repeat of the April 11 trip. Actually we are offering this popular family trip three times this year: April 11, June 13, and October 10. The suggested donation is $25 for families and $15 for individuals and includes a useful fieldbook of Gorge information from a biblical creationist perspective.

Peak 7 One Day Deschutes River Raft Adventure

July 13, 2015

This exciting day on the Deschutes River with our expert Peak 7 raft guides will include first-hand teaching about the geology and biology of this picturesque section of the river by Creation Encounter Guides. Famous rapids like Box Car and Oak Springs will provide a real taste of whitewater rafting at its best. Safety on the river is a major emphasis of the peak 7 ministry, with detailed instructions for participants. Cost will include a lunch, all permits and first-class equipment for a great adventure!

Time to cool off in the river.

Pastors Trip of the Gorge Bus Tour

July 22, 2015
Led by DSA officers Dr. Keith Swenson and Rick Thompson, this is a chance for pastors and other Christian leaders to experience, at no cost to them, a great creation field trip. This is also an opportunity for DSA members to invite leaders who may be uncertain about the importance of the origins debate. This has been a very significant experience for leaders when they see the evidence first hand and realize the importance of this issue and how it affects our view of scripture. It is exciting when we can help Pastors and congregations address this issue in a more informed way. We encourage you to partner with us in this mission by inviting your Christian leader friends. Also consider covering their expenses and coming along with them or by donating to our scholarship fund. If you have leaders to sign up or have any questions, please call (503) 257-0144. Thanks.

Mount St. Helens Day Trip - Loowit and Step Canyon Hike

July 25, 2015
Starting from Windy Ridge on the east side of the Monument, this strenuous day hike will explore Loowit and Step Canyons and the Pumice Plain on the north side of the crater. Special attention will be given to the rapid recovery of plants and animals in the blast zone. We will also examine the geological processes which produced changes within a few months, which geologists usually assume to take thousands of years. This day trip will be led by DSA President Keith Swenson and Ruth Hazen.

Mount St. Helens Day Trip - Harmony Trail to Spirit Lake

July 29, 2015
This day trip will involve three shorter hikes totally about 3 miles. We will visit the historic Bear Meadow area and Meta Lake and then take the interesting Harmony Trail down to Spirit Lake. Both the July 25 and the July 29 trip will observe the evidence and revisit the historic events of May 18, 1980. We will discuss all these observations in the context of the Biblical Flood. This day trip will be led by DSA President Keith Swenson and Ruth Hazen.

Exploring the Forgotten Mysteries of South Central Oregon

August 2-6, 2015
Evidence of ancient Ice Age lakes! -- Incredible Geology!
Come and find fascinating evidence for ancient man in Oregon during and following the Ice Age. Also we will study a unique variety of High Desert mammals and birds! Come explore all these things and more as we examine Summer Lake, Lake Abert, Abert Rim, Hart Mountain and the surrounding area during this family-oriented camp-out.

Damascus Christian School Senior Retreat
The Tetons and Yellowstone

August 28 - September 5, 2015

This is a custom trip conducted in cooperation with the leaders at Damascus Christian School and Creation Encounter Guides.

Damascus C.S. Seniors in Yellowstone.

Custom Creation Trips for School Groups

September - October, 2015
A creation field trip experience is a great way to start off the school year! This provides a valuable venue to build relationships and to impact lives for the Kingdom. In the past Creation Encounter has partnered with schools for educational day trips in the Gorge and fantastic four-day John Day fossil trips with more in-depth teaching. Contact John or Steve at John@CreationEncounter.com to discuss the interests of your group and get something on the calendar.

Creation Mysteries of the Columbia Gorge

October 10, 2015
Because of its popularity, we are offering this family trip once again which is the same as the April 11 description. The suggested donation is $25 for families and $15 for individuals and includes a useful fieldbook.