From parents: 

“We so appreciate all the work you put into these and your love for the truth of God's Word that inspires us all...It is fun to see our kids enjoying these trips more and more as they get older.” 

-K.P. Trout Lake, WA

“Your knowledge, flexibility, and love for the Lord are immensely immensely encouraging to me.”

-F.K. Husum, WA

From high school kids: 

“I've experienced a personal breakthrough on this trip. . . . Now I really know that God's ways and thoughts are better than mine.”

-L. Damascus, OR

“I learned that God is not a boring person and that His creations are all around and most of the time we don't look.”

-A. Gresham, OR

“The information you presented has given me a deeper understanding of God's creation and His amazing power.”

-C. Salem, OR

From little ones: 


A discussion between a four- and a five-year-old overheard on one of our tours:


“...when there were no people or trees, didn't people and things start out really small, then get big?”


“No, first their was a big mommy and daddy and then they had babies...”