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  • Edward Isaacs

Coronavirus: A Response from Creation Encounter

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

As the tour season begins and coronavirus spreads throughout the country, Creation Encounter leadership is evaluating the prospect of future expeditions. While our tours generally consist of fewer than thirty people and are held within the great outdoors, Creation Encounter must consider the possibility of coronavirus-transmitting individuals inadvertently spreading the disease to persons among our participants, leadership, and families who are elderly or who have compromised immune systems – communities which have been the most targeted by coronavirus (COVID-19). Unknown travel restrictions may also inhibit participation of some registrants and complicate tours (such as our Mysteries trips) which are conducted in both Washington and Oregon. As such, Creation Encounter leaders may have to consider canceling some tours on a week-by-week basis. Our team is closely watching the situation and will act in the best interest of our participants and families.

If you have possibly come into contact with someone infected by coronavirus, please consider not attending our tours as one does not need to be sick to potentially transfer the virus. Be wary of individuals actively sneezing and coughing (despite the spring allergies) and wash your hands often, all the while being considerate of others’ space. If you cannot attend any tours for which you have registered, notify us immediately. Lastly, please consider praying with us for the speedy recovery of those directly affected by coronavirus. We look forward to a wonderful tour season this summer and hope for an uninterrupted schedule.

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