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Loowit & Step Canyon Hike

This strenuous day hike will visit the most devastated part of the blast zone, including Loowit and Step Canyons and the Pumice Plain. Teaching will be based on a biblical creation worldview and include discussion of both catastrophic geologic processes and rapid biological recovery. Leaders will include Professor Keith Swenson. Please note that a high degree of physical fitness is required for this trip. We will hike a total of about 11 miles, the last 2 of which are mostly uphill at a moderate grade. The trails cross creeks and may in places be unstable due to loose volcanic debris. Also, there is no shade so ample fluids must be carried by each person.

We plan to meet in the Rest Area in Cougar, WA at 8:00 am and carpool to the mountain. Return time will be about 7:00 pm. Suggested donation will be $25 for families or $15 for an individual.

Loowit & Step Canyon Hike (KS)
Loowit & Step Canyon Hike (KS)
Jul 17, 2019, 8:00 AM
Loowit Trail and Step Canyons
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