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Mount St. Helens Family

Camping Trip 

This is a 3 day, 2 night, kid-friendly, educational opportunity for your family. We plan to camp Friday and Saturday nights at the centrally located Eagle Cliff Campground and Store which is 20 miles east of Cougar WA. Join creation scientists Paul Taylor, John Hergenrather, and probably Dr. Keith Swenson to discover “hands-on” evidence of how geology can happen fast!  We will see how the events at Mt.St. Helens provide us with a small scientific model explaining some of the geological processes occurring during the Great Flood of Noah's day. We also will observe how biological recovery after a catastrophe can happen rapidly. 


Our three day “car caravan” will begin Friday morning at the Mount St. Helens Creation Center. We will have some great instruction and guiding from the director Paul Taylor and, among other things, we'll take a guided walk the Hummocks Trail, and visit the educational Johnston Ridge Observatory.  The second day will be on the spectacular east side with a hike to Spirit Lake and the log mat, the sand ladder at Windy Ridge, Bear Meadow, and more. The third day we will break camp and spend the day on the interesting South side. Here explore the giant trees in Cedar Flat Old Growth Forest, observe the power of mudflows at Pine Creek Boulder and along Lava Canyon Trail (which includes a safe suspension bridge) and crawl into big lava tubes (when lava flowed out from beneath hardened lava) and crawl into tree casts (when lava flowed around trees).


The suggested donation is $185 for families or $100 for an individual and includes all guiding, instruction and evening programs. Also each family and school age child will receive a creation field journal/notebook of Mt.St. Helens which we have developed with Horizon Christian School. It contains a summary of creation research topics and quizzes, places for sketching and coloring, and other educational activities. Eagle Cliff Campground ( is clean and convenient yet has a remote “northwoods” feel to it. It also has small housekeeping cabins available. Spaces are limited and we must finalize our campground reservations so please register soon for this event. 

Mount St. Helens Family Camping Trip
Mount St. Helens Family Camping Trip
Jul 12, 2019, 9:30 AM
Eagle Cliff Camp
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