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Cascade Conifers Lab and Field Trip

The Northwest is home to the greatest conifer forests on earth. They are extensive, the trees immense, and the species diverse. Eighteen are found in the Mount Hood National Forest alone. Each is distinctive in its appearance, its ecology, and its usefulness. Dr. Swenson will conduct a half-day lab (morning of October 11) using the facilities of Multnomah University, in which you will learn to identify each conifer species using a dichotomous key and dissecting microscope.

On the following day (October 12) we will car caravan into the Mt.Hood National Forest where you will practice your new skills. These activities should greatly expand you understanding of, and appreciation for, the Creator's beautiful and useful world of plants. You may bring the suggested donation of $25 for families or $15 for an individual with you on the day of the trip.
Oct 11, 2019, 8:30 AM
Science Building
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