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This is a brand new 4 day family camping adventure. There is so much to see and so little time that some families are opting to stay a few extra days to explore on their own. A highlight of the trip will be exploring the unique mountain valley of the Sinlahekin with Caitlin LaBar leading. Caitlin is the author of a beautiful new field guide featuring the diversity, ecology and amazing butterflies of the Sinlahekin Valley.


The official start of our tour will begin at noon Thursday at the Vernita Bridge Picnic Area. After pondering nearby quartzites and Ginko Petrified Forest we will consider how the global Flood offers the best explanation for what we see. Next day we will explore Missoula Flood and the Ice Age evidence up and down Grand Coulee. The following day we will explore the beautiful Sinlahekin Valley, learn its history and catch butterflies with Caitlin. The tour will end officially at noon on Sunday after a special morning activity.


The suggested donation for this 4 day adventure is $135 per family or $70 if only an individual. This includes all planning, guiding and instruction, and a field book with lots of helpful info on both areas from a biblical creation perspective. Our base camp for all 3 nights will be at Laurent’s Sun Village Resort, just south of Dry Falls State Park. We have reserved a block of campsites together under the name of the Creation Encounter group. There are other choices for accommodations in the area, but if you want one of our held campsites, please call them and reserve it for yourself. Their number is (509)632-5664.

Central Washington and Sinlahekin Valley:

June 22th —25th, 2017

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