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The “base camp” for this special family weekend is South Beach State Park, just south of Newport, OR. On this 3 day/2 night adventure, you will learn amazing evidences for God’s special creation and the Flood and subsequent Ice Age that you may never have imagined seeing at the beach. Highlights will include fossil hunting on the beach, seeing evidence for forests off today’s coast which were living hundreds or even thousands of years ago, and evidence for a giant offshore earthquake about 300 years ago. We will also have a tour of the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, a special Saturday evening program in the Group Meeting Yurt and in Depoe Bay, a tour at the Whale, Sea Life & Shark Museum and the whale watching station.

In addition to the tour fee, participants will pay for their own overnight accommodations and their meals. The tour fee of $100 for families ($50 for individuals) for this special weekend includes any admission fees to all the above activities, all guiding and instruction from a biblical creationist perspective, and a special field notebook of pertinent information.


Geology and Fossils of the Central Oregon Coast: February 5-7, 2016

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