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Evidences for God From Space
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HOWdid the universe and all things we see on this planet come into being?
WHYdo we exist?
When it comes to answering these questions there are basically only 2 views:
    During the 20th century the world was led to believe that evolution brought about all things. The Universe, the Earth and all life came into existence as a result of an explosion of matter some billions of years ago. Evolutionism says that given enough time and chance, physical matter itself, by natural processes, is capable of creating everything we see.

    The other view, creationism says that the origin of all things requires a creator. The incredible complexity and design we see all around us requires a designer. Creationists believe that the evidence points to God being involved in a supernatural creation event.

    So how can we know? And what does the observable evidence indicate? The purpose of this website is to set forth mounting scientific evidence that cosmic evolution never actually took place. There are primarily 2 lines of evidence that do this:
    • Scientific observations indicate that the universe had a beginning or a starting point.

    • Hundreds of scientific facts, when you consider them collectively, indicate the universe was not accidental but was designed for life.
    These two basic themes have been placed into the 6 categories listed at the top of this page. We hope this information will be interesting and useful to you.

    It should be recognized that both creationism and evolutionism are ideas or models about what happened in the unobservable past. Since we cannot repeat these events, neither creationism nor evolutionism can be proven scientifically. But we can compare and see which model fits best with the observable evidence. Traditionally, evolutionists claim that their model is based on science and reason, whereas creationism is based on faith. But as you'll see in the following pages, this definition is false. It takes faith to believe in either creation or evolution. The question is not who has faith and who has reason, but who has the most reasonable faith.


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